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Professional pool table installations in Rochester

Schedule your pool table installations with the best pool table installers in Rochester. Our clients rely on our experience and professionalism. We offer pool table assembly service with a 1-year guarantee backed by The ABIA. Our professionals are waiting for your call!

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Pool table installations are complex in nature and involve an intricate and methodical process that should be taken care of by qualified pool table installers only.

Since we move pool tables we naturally have experience in the pool table installation side of the business.

We provide expert pool table recovering during installation as well which can be done either with the existing material or new pool table felt.

We offer premium installation services and guarantee our workmanship, should there be any leveling or installation issues within 12 months after we complete the service? We will come back and fix said issues at completely no charge.

Most customers replace the felt during the pool table assembly

Most of our customers choose to refelt their pool table at the time of setup. The reason is that this happens to be the most convenient time to have your pool table refelting service taking care of given that the pool table is in pieces.

Check your options for new felt so that you are prepared in case the existing cloth needs to be replaced at the time of the pool table assembly. Also, if you happen to notice a pool table repair that needs to be taken care of let us know so that we can take care of it during this time.

Pool table assembly with expert leveling

During extensive leveling our technicians precisely set, shim, wedge, and level the slates using sensitive leveling equipment to make sure your pool table assembly is done to the highest quality for optimum performance.

Precise leveling is necessary in order to achieve the best playing experience, even a high-end pool table will perform poorly if not properly leveled.

Our experienced pool table installers know how important this is and this is exactly why we guarantee the assembly for an entire year. Most used pool tables, even if they are in pristine condition, should have the existing cloth replaced.

This is mainly because either the cloth is too old or worn out and although it could be reused it will need to be replaced soon. For this reason, most customers choose to take care of the pool table refelting during assembly of the table.

If you just purchased this pool table and need it disassembled, transported and setup. You have just found the right place. We take care of the pool table moves on a regular basis and provide a 1-Year service guarantee backed by a national organization. Be sure to let us know if you think the pool table needs additional services. We provide expert pool table repair services as well.

We guarantee every pool table setup for an entire year

Pool tables are put together piece by piece when built in the factory, naturally, they have to be put together in this same manner. Be sure you hire trained technicians that will take care of the service the proper way. Moving a pool table is also a dangerous task that could lead to property damage or even injury.

We warrant the pool table moves we take care of with an exclusive 1-Year service guarantee from a National organization, this guarantee covers any installation or leveling issues for an entire year and the service is also insured to protect your table and property against the unexpected.

You’re covered by an exclusive guarantee issued in writing and backed by The American Billiard Installers Association, this is the only organization in our industry that regulates Billiard Service standards.

The aforementioned guarantee will cover you for an entire year for any installation or leveling issues. When you are shopping around make sure you ask if your table goes out of level within the following year, will they come back and fix that for you at completely no charge.

We offer 7 days a week customer support, expert pool table services, liability insurance, and an exclusive guarantee. Please consider this when deciding on your service.

Pricing a pool table setup service

The pricing for a pool table setup is based on a few particulars, such as the playing surface area of the pool table, the brand or manufacturer, the number of slates, whether it has drop style pockets or a ball-return system if the pool table is an antique model or a brand new one. We need to know all these details to provide an accurate quote.

Please have this information when you contact us and in case there are details you don’t have, we can help you figure those out when you call. We can expertly take care of a pool table repair that needs to be fixed at the time of the service.

Sometimes these repairs are not noticeable at the time of the purchase that is why we will inspect the table at the time of the service. There are special circumstances that apply to specific tables, such as antiques or one-piece slate top tables. If you’re not sure of the style of the table a few photos will help.

All of our pool table installations are performed by professionals who know how to install the table and they will taker the precautions necessary to ensure a safe, expert-style installation. It is important to mention that the pool table room size is of extreme importance when choosing the proper size of the pool table to purchase.

We set up the following sizes of pool tables

7, 8, or 9, and 10-foot pool tables Including billiards tables

*add residential grade pool table felt

*add Simonis 760 / 860 Tournament grade felt

For a quick pool table moving quote, give us a call or just email us!

We here at Rochester Pool Table Movers have the exclusive backing from the American Billiard Installers Association. If you use our services and feel that we did something incorrectly or that your table is going out of level, we will come back out to fix the issue for a period of 12 months after service was performed, this is covered under a written guarantee issued by a national organization.

The ABIA guarantees all of our pool table installations for leveling and quality on all applicable pool tables for an entire year after service.

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